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  • Campaign development
  • Social media strategy and implementation
  • Influencer programmes
  • Paid search - PPC
  • Paid social
  • Community management
  • Event planning
  • Digital marketing planning
  • Animation and film

Roundhouse Digital provide strategy-led expertise across paid search, paid social, content marketing, influencer networking, analytics and conversion rate optimisation. Our digital marketing approach maximises the power of a unified seamless approach which delivers a measurable return on investment. Our multi-channel strategies are proven and have optimisation at the core.

The latest addition to our range of services is our digital marketing team. From setting high-level strategies which outline the best action to take and the right audiences to target, to developing creative campaigns which engage with users – above all we deliver digital marketing out performs the market and gives our clients the best return on investment. Our approach is to continually evaluate and learn from our work, allowing us to reflect on all aspects of the project and adapt our strategy if required. We will introduce our knowledge of best practice principles of content generation, media purchasing and campaign launching and tracking to develop and overall plan of activity in line with any budget and requirement. We will share our knowledge with your own internal stakeholders with the goal of increasing the sustainability of our initiatives, enabling more budget to beĀ invested in the running of your campaigns.

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