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The eaga Trust

Creating a powerful CRM solution, membership hub and reporting software



  1. eaga-infographic2 increase in members
  2. “We worked with The Roundhouse for many months, scoping requirements and intricacies for our new website. They were a vibrant, forward-thinking, professional team; really good to work with. There wasn’t anything that couldn’t be overcome and our site was completely tailored to suit our needs. Their thoroughness during scoping paid off, in that our new website launched seamlessly on go-live day and runs just how we wanted it to.”
    Shirley Blacklock, Ambassador
  3. eaga-infographic1 increase in benefit uptake

Promoting Employee Well-Being

The eaga Trust was set up for the purpose of promoting employee well-being, engagement, and ownership in the workplace. The Trust approached Roundhouse Digital to create a marketing site for prospective members, a membership site to help members access and manage their benefits, and a bespoke CRM solution for the Trust to improve their processes

Designing A Membership Portal

A members site was developed to provide a dashboard for members to manage their Trust benefits, including holiday home bookings, business funding, skill builder applications, and further health benefits. It provides a complete snapshot of all member allowances and gives them a place to manage applications, including checking their current status.

Delivering A New Powerful CRM Solution

The CRM solution was developed following a detailed scoping exercise, to ensure the product was tightly moulded around the requirements of the Trust. The CRM platform has re-written the day to day practices of the team, and extensive efficiencies have been found through the introduction of advanced search, reporting, contact functionality, and reducing email workflow.

Member Engagement

We have now been asked by the Trust to help with communications, and finding ways to better engage with members. After a detailed communications review, we have redeveloped their social media, and are in the early stages of implementing a more two-sided and organised approach. The user journey is also being improved, and a rich content approach is being introduced.

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