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Reconnaissance International

Connecting global financial institutions through digital information portals



  1. "The Roundhouse Digital team looked deeply at our underlying business processes and came up with an innovative single site solution. The team's technical knowledge and design skills have combined to create a website which is much easier for us to manage and is appropriately slick for our international audiences."
    Mark Taylor, Head of Marketing
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A Global Perspective

Reconnaissance is a leading global source of business intelligence on holography and authentication for currency security, personal identification and brand protection. Clients include banks, law enforcement agencies, trade associations, and government departments. We were asked to transform the digital experience for an international, high-calibre audience.

Re-Engineering Business Processes

The project consolidated 17 disparate websites into a single multi-site, multi-lingual website, enabling Reconnaissance to manage their vast range of dynamic content from one WordPress source. Sponsorship is crucial to Reconnaissance, and there is the functionality to set ranking levels and tiers, which then in turn denote which order sponsors are presented across the site.

Shaping The User Experience

The new site not only transforms the experience of the user, but crucially the behind the scenes operations of managing complex dynamic content across their digital estate. Pricing was previously a high cost administrative burden, but this inefficiency has now been eliminated. The Reconnaissance team also has granular control of posts and page expiration so content can be turned on and off automatically and efficiently.

Stretching Wordpress To The Limit

The site stretches the functionality of WordPress to its limits, delivering maximum flexibility in content control, multi-lingual options, and ensures flawless responsive implementation across devices. The use of syndicated content also allows Reconnaissance to enter content in one place, which sub-sites can then draw from, such as news releases or testimonials.

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