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Re-engineering systems integration and transforming user engagement


A Strong, Diverse Marketing Platform

The NRG website was designed and built in parallel to the rebrand of the company. From initial conversations about the types of content to display, we played a collaborative role with their marketing department to develop a site which could not only increase the efficiency of several key operational tasks, but also provide a strong marketing platform from which they could communicate to a wider range of areas.

Catalyst For User Engagement

The objective was to increase the usability of the site by developing a new online visual identity, and making the site responsive, whilst offering more to the user with new or improved functionality that could be a catalyst for user engagement. We integrated their specialist recruitment based CRM with the front end of the site, allowing users to access real time updates for vacancies.

Solution For A Multifaceted Recruiter

The mobile-first responsive design of the site cemented NRG’s position as a multifaceted national recruiter of all levels, as users can access their account, CV writing tips, or register interest from any digital platform. The structure of the site and new content, allowed them to promote the wide range of services and solutions, and challenged us in promoting the company within various markets.

Future Sustainability

As the site was built on the Wordpress CMS system, we handed over the entire site with a focussed training session, allowing the NRG internal teams to continue to shape the site, as the amount of content they had grew organically over time. The design was sympathetic to the new brand, whilst our photography and iconography brought additional depth to each page.

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