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Newcastle Laboratories

Real time search and seamless ordering creates a commercially driven lab service


A Hybrid Platform Solution

Newcastle Laboratories approached Roundhouse Digital to develop a new commercially driven responsive site to differentiate their services from competitors, grow their customer base and enhance their level of service. The site is built on a hybrid of Wordpress for the simplicity of managing content and Lemonstand to handle customer ordering processes. To ensure the site worked well for all audience groups, it was developed to be backwards compatible to Internet Explorer 8 as well as catering for the latest devices.

Relevance Efficiently

A test directory is included in the website to help customers including GPs look up the specific tests available. Finding information quickly was a priority and a specific area of innovation in this area is Elasticsearch which is utilised by Google. By suggesting the nearest test directory entry in real time as a visitor searches, the site provides relevant entries quickly. Fuzzy matching techniques have been used to further increase the potential for visitors finding the directory items they need which is particularly useful for symptoms, medications and tests which have multiple terms or common misspellings.

Enabling E-Commerce

The site has been built with a user-friendly e-commerce solution which enables the tracking and fulfilment of consumable orders from customers across primary and secondary care settings. This dramatically reduces the dependency on paper and faxed orders enabling customers to quickly make orders from any device and for the order tracking to be handled in the same professional manner as e-commerce stores.

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