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Kindred Bedrooms

A high impact responsive site designed to inspire



  1. 1000 conversions per month
  2. From zero to 1365 active social media followers in 3 months and high levels of engagement.

Kindred Product Launch

Roundhouse Digital partnered with Kindred to create a new digital experience to accompany the launch of their new fitted bedroom ranges, following two years of research and development. The balanced portfolio combines the best elements of freestanding and fitted furniture in one clever offer, showcased through a user friendly, responsive site.

Grounded In Research

The website features high impact photography and video content which creates an emotional pull to the ranges, targeted at specific audience groups. The range pages are designed to inspire, with real life photography bringing them to life. The challenge was to keep the collections distinctive, and represent each identity to its best, while also incorporating more functional features such as specifications.

Designed To Inspire

The site offers practical guidance for customers looking for beautiful affordable furniture. Usability is at the forefront of the design, enabling prospective customers to find out detailed specifications on the ranges and search for their nearest retailers with ease. By incorporating the retail network into the back-end, the website is able to showcase the top nearest destinations, based on a google map style postcode search.

Extraordinary Engagement

Once the website was built we continued to support Kindred with their content marketing; driving traffic to the website through social media, email newsletters, engaging blog content, and influencer outreach. Our approach was to raise awareness of the brand, develop their personality, and grow an engaged following across four highly targeted social media platforms. We maintained this for 18 months until the brought in resource to continue the work in-house.

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