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Carlin Hall

Repositioning a global recruitment specialist with integrated technology



  1. "The website has given us is the ability to work at a very senior level with our clients. The look and feel of the website is very similar to our clients; who are multi million dollar, multi national organisations. We feel that we are mirroring them and, as a consequence of that, we have managed to secure a lot of senior level business on the back of the rebrand and website that Roundhouse Digital has built for us."

Expressing A New Brand Identity

Carlin Hall is a global recruitment specialist focussing purely on the Rec to Rec, RPO, and Executive Search markets. Roundhouse Digital was asked to develop a completely new website which showcased the international operation of the agency; in addition to this, our sister company The Roundhouse was commissioned to develop a new brand, to reposition the company and provide differentiation from their competitors.

Creating Something Unique

The site is responsive and, at desktop sizes, provides high quality, cityscape, time-lapse background videos, all sourced by our content team. The client agreed that it gave a very fresh and unique appearance. At smaller screen sizes, high quality city scene images are displayed for optimisation purposes.

An Online Business Fit For Purpose

The site is integrated with Broadbean, a data analytics, job distribution, CV search and recruitment technology platform. This enables Carlin Hall to post jobs to the site via Broadbean, maintaining their current systems and processes, whilst displaying the latest jobs in an optimum way for the website. All of this work creates an online business which works perfectly for the industry, and clientele.

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